Security Keyless Door Lock



Product Description:

1. Access by App, M1 Card, Passcode, Bracelet and mechanical key.

2. Support Gateway device to connect your home wifi network with your lock. so you can open the door remotely.

3. Adopt AES 128BIT encryption technology. Send passcode/ekey remotely, so you can manage your front door anywhere.

4. Send temporary passocode /ekey/ Card to your guest and tentant. when time is up, the key will be invalid.

5. View access logs on App, so you can monitor your front door any time.

6.Supported mobile phone system: Android 4.3/IOS7.0 or higher

The APP with a gateway:

you can control your bluetooth lock even in far distance:

· Remotely ONE-CLICK open a door ;

· Remotely read a door opening record: by password, fingerprint, card;

· Remotely delete digital password users (such as time workers, leaving staff);

· Remotely change user permissions;

· A clock for remote calibration of the lock.


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