Digital Therapy Acupunture Device

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Digital display for treatment guide Uses the infrared physical therapy electrodes Improves your body circulation, relieves your pain and promotes your metabolism Suitable for waist, shoulders, legs, foot massage and physical therapy do the physical therapy for the four parts of your body at the same time 4 therapeutic modes: vibrate thump, Shiatsu, Massage, Pat and Scrape therapy 8 Massage modes and 10 massage power levels Comes with two pieces of massage electrodes, a charger, a electrode wire, and a pair of shoes Power Supply: 3 x 1.5V batteries Comes with a pair of shoes to help you massage your feet

Output of 2 channels, which can be used to treat various parts of the body simultaneously.

You can choose any of the treatment modes shoulder/waist/joint button/foot.

Specially designed to lessen pain in muscle.

Large LCD display for easy readaout.

Stimulate muscle by a simple relaxing electronic impulse.

Improve blood circulation.

Gradual release muscle pain.

Compact size, can be used anywhere and anytime.

Safe and convenient, quick and quiet.

Provides a really simple way to relieve pain in shoulders, back, waist and other parts of the body.


Package Included:

1 X Digital therapy machine

8 X Adhesive electrode pads

2 X Electrode wire

1 X Power adapter

1 X USB cable

1 X User manual

Physiotherapy Methods:

1. Open the power supply: Press the
switch button, LCD screen will be on, at the same time, physiotherapy
model indicating arrow acupuncture,

the intensity is zero, the timing for 15 minutes.

2. Select the language mode: press the language button,  the LCD screen can  convert in Chinese or English.

3. Select therapy mode: press the mode
button, the mode can be selected, massage, acupuncture, hammering cuter,
manipulation, scrapping, thin body, hypnosis.

4. Adjust the intensity: press the strong or weak button, adjust to the appropriate strength.

5. Choose the time: press the time
button, can choose physical therapy time, each time you press it, will
increase for 5 minutes.


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